Veterans Day at LZ Peace Memorial

Don Allen, USMC, Taps

Veterans Day was a beautiful day indeed. The grey skies turned to rain. The rain turned to sleet. The sleet turned to snow. American flags were retired and turned to red embers and buried near LZ Glory. Shown above: Don Allen, USMC and Vietnam veteran sounds Taps.

The clicking noises you hear on the videos are from sleet hitting my Osco umbrella. Yes, real men carry umbrellas but the camera still got wet and blurry.

And they all sang. . . .

Paul Logli, Boy Scouts and the Flag

God Bless Our Veterans and the United States of America

American flags being retired at LZ Glory.

Don Allen, USMC, sounds Taps

And then it was over.

P1210840 Taps, Don Allen 1253

Thanks to all those brave souls who took the time to attend Veterans Day ceremonies at the LZ Peace Memorial. God bless you all and the United States of America.

If you’d like one of these souvenir cards shown below, call Nick Parnello at 815-963-0809 because he may still have some.

11-11-13 Veteran's Day 4x6 Card

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